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Getting Started

It's Easy to Get Started

It's easy to sign up and have your account running in only a couple hours. Simply fill out the form on the right, or give us a call at 866 490 7502. We only need an Agent Name (used for your login), Email Address and Phone Number (so we can get in touch with you) and amount of players to setup your account.

During normal business hours your account will be setup in a matter of hours. You can use our default player settings or start personalizing the settings for each of your players. Don't worry about hosting or technical details, as everything concerning your sportsbook software will be taken care of by us.

To activate your account, we just need a $200 deposit and your first 2 full weeks are free of charges. Your deposit will be applied to charges starting in the 3rd week.

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It couldn't be easier to be open for business.

Now Get Out There and Build Your Client Base!

Perhead Wagering Features

$10 Per Head
Sportsbook, Racebook, Casino
Complete Mobile Access
Live In-Game Wagering
Custom Profiles and Lines
99.99% Uptime