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Why Us

What makes us different

To be successful, it takes a team. Lean on us to provide your business with all of the tools and services you’ll need to succeed. We make per head services easy to use and we are among the most highly secure and affordable. With everything we provide, we believe we are the best value in the per head industry.

Easy to Use - Our player software is the same betting platform that major sportsbooks use, so you can be sure you are providing the best in the industry to your players. Our agent software features the most reporting and the most upgrades of any per head provider out there. We challenge you to find a better solution regardless of price.

Highly Secure – PerHeadwagering is a forward thinking modern technology company that never sleeps. Our goal is to ensure your business not only thrives, but is both reliable and user friendly. We employ the most pre-eminent DDOS mitigation service available, true internet triple redundancy, and massive state-of-the-art servers.

Most Affordable – We provide everything you need to successfully manage your bookmaking business, from racebook, casino and mobile betting to full-featured player management software, our premium service is all included for just $10 per head. You get all of the services and features you need for just $10 per head. No gimmicks, no tricks, no minimums, no up-charges and no hidden fees.

Compare Our Premium Service To others

PerHeadwagering provides everything you need to manage your bookmaking business, for just $10 per head. Others may offer $10, $8 or even $5 per head, but they only provide the basics and their service comes with plenty of stipulations. Why pay $15-20 for the same premium service when you can it all for $10 from PerHeadwagering

Our premium service includes all of the following for $10 per head.

Internet Wagering Triple Redundancy Internet
Mobile Wagering For Players Bet Ticker
Mobile Reporting For Agents Player Management
80+Sports Agent Exposure Report
Sharpest Lines Agent Position Report
Live In-Game Wagering Agent Distribution Report
120+Horse And Dog Tracks Player Standing And History
Free Casino Cash Flow Report
Mobile Casino Games Settled Figures Report
Fully Customizable Profiles Action By Player Report
Customized Horse Profiles Weekly Balances Report
Customized Casino Profiles Open Bets Report
Move Your Own Lines No Commissions To Pay
100% English Customer Service No Revenue Sharing
99.99% Server Uptime No Minimums To Meet
DDOS Mitigation Service No Hidden Requirements

Perhead Wagering Features

$10 Per Head
Sportsbook, Racebook, Casino
Complete Mobile Access
Live In-Game Wagering
Custom Profiles and Lines
99.99% Uptime